[Preorder] Shelter Coat (Vaio Navy)
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[Preorder] Shelter Coat (Vaio Navy)

99,900 JPY

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[Preorder] Fabric, shaping, details, silhouette, lightness, comfortable, function. An outerwear filled with chloma's attention in every aspect. The sleeves are silhouettes that are strongly rounded and are made to give an impression of being surrounded by a circle. The top fabric has a characteristic dark blue color called Bio Navy. It has a thin, soft, and solid texture. The liner is like a floating cloud. Although it is an inorganic material, it has a very gentle texture. The liner and hood can be removed and can be worn for 3 seasons. Each liner and hood was made with a high degree of craftsmanship, and it is also recommended to use this item by itself. One Size Fits All Length:102cm shoulder width:57cm body width:68cm sleeve length:61cm length from seam in the back to the end of the sleeve:93cm 100% polyester fiber <Liner>100% nylon <Batting>100% polyester fiber Made in Japan THE model is WOMEN:5'6" MEN:5'7" Scheduled to be released mid-October